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About This Blog

I am so glad you found us by whatever means! Welcome to Power Talk. Yep, another blog from some bloke who thinks he knows how to write, or at least thinks he has something to say that people will read! Really, I just want to help people either come to know the Lord, or know Him better. I think we can help each other to this end, by talking about things that really matter to living the good life and how to enjoy good sense godliness according to the Scripture. I enjoy talking about Scripture, God, and truth.
I have been trying to preach the gospel for 45 years having lived in California, Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Florida, and Alabama. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love to read. I also enjoy honorable, civil discussions over controversial ideas and ideologies. I have always been made better by such discussions. I want to be open, honest, fair and respectful to all, especially, when they disagree.
I enjoy traveling. I have visited Mexico, South America (Venezuela and Colombia), the Caribbean, Grenada, India (several times), London, Israel (a couple of times) and a few other places. I have been in 40+ of the 50 United States. I love Kentucky basketball and Alabama football (I only pick winners). Living in Dixie it’s either Alabama or the other school. My favorite sport is basketball, though I have been a life-long Alabama fan because my dad was a big Bear Bryant fan. Besides, until recently, unless the ball was round, and it bounced, Kentucky fans believed the oblong ball was deformed. And, the opposite of that was true for ‘Bama fans until recently!
I have been married to my first wife for 40 years and she still tolerates me. We have 2 wonderful daughters and sons in-law. They have given us four wonderful, healthy, and handsome grandsons. They call us Grampy and JuJu. Even as I write this, our oldest grandson is celebrating his 9th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Noah!
So, I hope you will check back with us periodically. We will laugh and learn together, maybe shed a tear or two, but you will always be welcomed and I hope, challenged to think about your relationship to God.

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